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Another corker of a morning here, the estate looking parched and threadbare. Maybe we'll dig it all up and go for decking, paving or a crazy golf course. Ot chickens, pigs and a goat.  Or grow cabbages. Something to thrill is needed!  

I enjoyed our 2 Eagles yesterday (as you might have noticed) and there is a longer version of the chat on the weekly Mayo podcast. Of the 2, it was Joe Walsh who who was the sparkiest, smiliest and most animated. As is clear from his voice, Joe's abused his body somewhat over the years and had to be put in rehab before the band got back together. He's been clean for years but the effects of those years are still obvious. I did smile when he explained how the band struggle with digital technology and how if the Protools software (used for recording and editing) had been around when they were recoding Hotel California, they'd still be making it!

Today we welcome the BBC's Europe editor Gavin Hewitt to the show. He's a cracking journalist and the author of The Lost Continent about what he calls 'Europe's darkest hour since World War 2'. He might just be able to explain precisely what on earth is happening and where on earth we are heading. And in a fair and balanced way too which won't be easy. Gavin's been one of the BBC's top journalists for years now and will bring heft and culture with him. And small gifts from duty free maybe.

And on a European theme, how about DUTCH oldies on the day the Dutch queen Beatrix hands over to her son Prince Willem Alexander. We all the love the Dutch I think and we have a Dutch confession today too. HITS FOR HOLLAND please. It'll be fine.

Have a right royal Tuesday, see you after 5.


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