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Speak up at the Back


Managed to put in a few miles yesterday. A ridiculously early start to herd oldies and youngies to Manchester was aided by the heat which meant that pretty much everyone was awake anyway. Twenty minutes sleep between us made for a sparkly journey but the coffee and croissants were good and soon we all got into the graduation groove (I have no idea what that is incidentally but we in it anyway). Manchester was full of the gowned and the tassled, sweating buckets but beaming anyway. As were the attendant family, usually complete with reluctant, younger teen in tow. When child 1's name was read out , we cheered and I viewed it all through a malfunctioning camera which managed to miss pretty much everything. But afterwards we milled and preened as mortar boards were tossed and gowns swirled. The boy had done good and we have the photos and the certificate to prove it. Tarantara

And today we line up with another book club choice which is The Son by Philip Meyer, an epic story from the American Southwest. It spans a number of generations of the McCullough family who basicaly 'get rich by taking things from other people' as one Comanche teacher says. Anyway, it's a monster. Read some here!

And oldies please on the subject of MUTTERING. BBC boss Tony Hall has told the Radio Times that he accepts that viewers get cross when they cant hear the lines being spoken. This might be because of the level of music or background noise or just too much 'authentic' mumbling. Off we all go.

Have a fragrant and delicious Tuesday, see you after 5.


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