(Olympic grumps and deniers look away now)

Well you have been busy. Glad the blog's diodes (?) have been humming. Cornwall and Suffolk were wet, cold, sunny, hot and everything in between. The surf was mighty and then 'fiddlin' and small'. The chips were bountiful and the assorted illnesses which afflict holidays, rather annoying. Each morning would begin with me dutifully trying to finish off book2 at around 6.30. A couple of hours later it was time to eat breakfast with the 'continental' breakfast morphing into 'full English' without exception. The gym is calling but I shall have to ignore it for a while longer.

Post hols, it usually takes a while to get up to speed but this Olympics opening day feels like quite something; I'm arriving at optimum-speed asap. Here's hoping it'll be a wonderful party where the athletes make the headlines for all the right reasons. I think we'll be wonderful hosts and that Danny Boyle will set the tone tonight. Lets have less of Mitt Romney and more of Boris's 'geiger counter of olymo-mania going zoink'.

I have been fortunate to go to 3 games: Barcelona, Athens and Beijing and if London gets it right, there will be a feel-good factor that might be quite useful for the rest of the year. It won't be here again in our lifetimes so your Drivetime team intend to enjoy it! Starting today with your OARF opener. I don't think we can allow Chris to choose the tune as he wanted to this morning, so it's still down to you. Our very own cut-price opening ceremony.

Have an eccentric, inspired Friday. See you at 5.


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