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Baking Again


And good morning to you too. Just browsing through the Rod Stewart photos from last night and hoping I can hold it together as well as Rod when I get to 68. It may well take him longer to arrange his hair in the morning but boy, does he look great. Obviously all you have to do is have 62 hits, not smoke and then sleep your way around the world. And what a surprise to find he had lost his confidence as a songwriter after some cutting criticism he received. Even the toppermost performers need love and attention and thank heavens he got his mojo back with this new album. He looked as though he was having a great time in the theatre via the red button, even though he was worried about his voice. That should be  viewable for awhile (looks around for factual basis for that remark but fails).

Movie show first up with our friend Jason Isaacs and then ARF duties back to normal. Shall we take 1977? Feels about right.
Have an ingenious and creative Friday, see you at 2&5


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