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So in a room full of people, I found myself sitting next to my lovely German friend Sybille. And when the goal was scored, obviously felt it was entirely appropriate to embrace her. This was a good thing. I had been supporting her side anyway and she was feeling decidedly edgy at the prospect of penalties. My calm reassuring presence was a help I think (though her husband sitting on her other side was probably more than enough now I come to think of it). Anyway, that's that. Here comes summer.

Book Club today with Laura McBride's We Are Called To Rise. She's a debut novelist but you really wouldn't know it. It is set in Las Vegas, but not that  Las Vegas. This (I imagine) is the real Las Vegas where people work, raise families and pay bills, not play, go to shows and lose money. Read a chapter here! Hear Laura from 6!

And how about SWIMWEAR oldies? Apparently men are wearing LESS and women are wearing MORE. Men are going all David Beckham (thanks Dave) and women are going all 50's. It'll all be nonsense of course but it's time for our swimwear edition anyway.

But fully dressed st 5 please.


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