Radio 2's Tracks Of My Years Playlist with Imelda May
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Let's here it for John


Morning bloggers. Cool and overcast with a hint of September. Too early for the autumnal wardrobe however, I need at least another fortnight out of this cheesecloth wrap or I'll look ridiculous. I also need to shop for the Edinburgh shows next week. Four Drivetimes with a live audience means a host of wardrobe issues. How many different outfits does one need? Could I get away with the same outfit on, say, Monday and Thursday? Will the crowd be the same every day? Could I wear the same everyday and would anyone notice? Maybe there is some old Radio 2 kit I could find. I'm sure there are some TOG togs in a cupboard somewhere. Ken Bruce slippers? Desmond Carrington smoking jacket? Jeremy Vine waistcoat? Need a bigger suitcase...
Today we have the always lovely Fran Healey from Travis on the show with a copy of his new album 'Where You Stand'. They've been away for 5 years but return with the confidence that 2 No1 albums, 5 top 10 singles and 8 million record sales gives you. I've liked their stuff since 'Driftwood' and they were doing that melodic rock thing before Coldplay came along and  blew away all competition. Here their new stuff after 6.
And how about JOHN oldies. Songs by or about JOHNS. This is because that most venerable of names has finally fallen out of the list for popular baby names-it's not in the top 100 for the first time since 1904! So celebrate Johns with JOHN tunes please.
Have an enthusiastic and harmonious Tuesday. See you after 5

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