Playing: It Took Me So Long To Get Here, But Here I Am by KT Tunstall
BBC Radio 2

A hint of warmth oozes though the house. Windows are opened, t-shirts dusted off and salads eyed with interest (ok I'm lying about the salads). We have a hint of summer for at least 2 days so we shall enjoy it while we can. The rather lovely new BBC weather app suggests rain and 16 degrees C at the weekend so plenty of time to moan then.

Today the lovely Brian Cox and Robin Ince are in to talk about the return of The Infinite Monkey Cage to Radio 4. Appearing on it was amongst the most terrifying moments of my radio life. Surrounded by nobel prize winners, eminent boffins and comics it is hard to remember why you agreed to appear in the first place. And then I remembered that it was child 3 wanted to meet Prof Brian Cox more than anything else in the world. The photo of them together is framed and in his bedroom. They discussed quantum physics and I nodded and looked knowing but I was, of course, totally lost. If Robin and Brian arrive early they might find a (slightly taller) chap waiting to continue the conversation.

And songs please for this extraordinary meeting today of meteorologists to discuss WHAT THE HECKS HAPPENING WITH THE WEATHER. They will try to identify the factors that caused the chilly winter of 2010-11 and the long, wet summer of 2012. They will also try to work out why this spring was the coldest in 50 years - with a UK average of 6C (42.8F) between March and May. The least we can do is come up with some tunes to help them out.

Have a pleasing and productive Tuesday, see you after 5


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