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No gloom here


Half term finished (in as much as it existed at all) and the dank and cold weekend done for. More geocaching was required of course (see last week) and our best find was a wonderful small silver capsule operated by a pulley system half way up a tree. Very clever and a round of applause for its creator. We celebrated by eating chips-Matt would have been so proud. There isn't much you can do in the pouring October rain to raise a smile but this was certainly one of them. More soon.
The other main occupation was reading the new Ian Rankin novel 'Standing In Another Man's Grave' which is another Rebus novel and the next bookclub choice. It really is terrific and well worth you looking at the free sample available here. Fans of Rebus won't need too much persuading of course but I'd forgotten what it is like to get half way through a book and feel as though you've smoked 60 cigarettes and drunk the best part of a bottle of whisky. Great detective, bad health choices. And the A9 sounds like a road worth avoiding.
Today we welcome comedian Roy Walker to drivetime. He won New Faces in 1977 and went on to feature regularly in The Comedians and then hosted Catchphrase. There's a 40th anniversary Comedians dvd around which was recorded at the Blackpool Grand Theatre last year and Roy will tell all tonight.
And oldies for the DARK please. The hour has been lost and drivetime is a show in darkness again. Allow us to light your path home (I can't believe I wrote that).
Have an enlightened and stimulating Monday. See you after 5


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