Playing: It Won't Last For Long by Ron Sexsmith
BBC Radio 2

Another blog on the move, this time to a conference of science teachers. Actually that sentence should have a ! at the end. This is clearly preposterous and wrong-headed but here goes nothing.  My science teachers at school will be laughing like drains/like they're on nitrous oxide, whichever seems more appropriate. I've never done the old-school reunion thing though am occasionally intrigued to see how everyone turned out. But I changed schools a lot so there'd be quite a few to go to and I'm not sure anyone would remember the skinny kid at the back. So maybe not then.

Food today and Nigel is preparing a Lemon Posset with strawberries and something else entirely wholesome and lovely to sprinkle over the top/pour over the side/throw at Sally.

And FESTIVAL oldies please as Glastonbury kicks off (kicking us off tomorrow!). This basically then is CAMPING, CROWDS, CRUSH, NO SLEEP, PRETENDING YOU'RE A TEENAGER, MUD (historical), SINGALONGS etc. Whatever you fancy really.

Have a gorgeous and vital Thursday, see you after 5


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