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Watcha. Top work from all phone answerers on Friday. Money taken, tunes selected, customers satisfied. It was good to see all the bloggers working while Tim Smith wafted chocs at you all. Hope the photos looked ok given the brief amount of time allocated between show 1 and show 2! And a grand total at the end of it all. Trebles all round...

Saturday evening at the O2 and an evening with Killers. Just settling into our seats when young Jeremy Vine arrives with his posse/entourage/friends&family. I can report that he's a mean dancer and jigger. There was many a Radio 2 listener there, all of us basking in the glow of still going to a rock concert that our kids wouldn't laugh at. Brandon Flowers is one hell of a frontman and considering he couldn't perform past song 5 on Monday, he was in good form. We spent a while trying to work out who the crowd were straining to take photos of. We saw Tim Burton and Helena Bonham Carter but it wasn't them. The clue was in the cover version of 'With or Without You' they struck up. Turns out Bono and family were in attendance and he told me he is really big fan of Mr Flowers. Killers supported U2 a while back and they have obviously stayed in touch.

I left just before the end and JV was still bopping. The man has stamina.
Today it's another book club offering and it is Simon Tolkien's Orders From Berlin. It's a WW2 story of a Nazi plot to assassinate Churchill. There's a chapter online here and yes, he's one of those Tolkiens-JJR's grandson.

And oldies please for the 60th anniversary and 25,000th performance of AGATHA CHRISTIE'S THE MOUSETRAP at the St Martins Theatre in London. Never seen it! Not sure whodunit! Don't tell me! Songs please...

Have a clear-thinking and muddle free Monday, see you at 5


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