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Last orders...


Well that's that and back into the studio. The first show seems light years away but we are done and it's been a great ride.

On the way home from the show yesterday, squeezing in between Aussies, Dutch, Irish and Union Jack-clad fans, we were wondering whether we would experience anything like this in the UK again. The answer, presumably, is no.

The football tournaments are great but bring with them supporters who are overwhelmingly male. And they shout a lot. These games have brought families of cheery fans, all amazed by what they are a part of. And smile a lot.

Sorry about the technical problems we had last night; much frantic re-wiring and re-plugging got things sorted eventually. The studio at Radio 2 central will appear an oasis of calm in comparison.

Watching and meeting athletes who get ignored all year round but then get their moment in the light has been terrific; the sailors, riders and taekwondo stars were the highlights of recent days.

Soon normality will return and the sporting headlines will be about the spoilt millionaires of football (sounding like Sally now, will need to watch that). But until then...

We have another party to start ladies and gentlemen of the blog. Choose your partners for the opening dance and choose the song to dance to. Get your requests to the DJ in now!

Have a fruity and nutritionally balanced Friday, see you after 5.


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