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BBC Radio 2

So we found out the oldest thing in the world is in the Natural History Museum. And tiny powdered diamonds too- a top fact I think. And the head curator of meteors was a fascinating woman too. We had a true Reithian 5 minutes.

Movie show has Cate Blanchett today talking about Blue Jasmine, her new movie directed by Woody Allen. It's a great performance, the awards are being lined up and she makes it to the end of our allotted time without walking out. And your ARF will start with an agenda-setting, toe-tapping, bar-raising, thirst-quenchin' hit from our year of requirement which is............1990. We have British Sky Broadcasting launched, Mrs T, Neil Kinnock, Mr Bean's debut, World Cup in Italy, Gazza's tears, Luciano Pavarotti, Adamski, Sinead O'Connor and MC Hammer. And all that. And your perky breakfast host is into his 3rd year of early starts but still chipper. What were you up to? What's your song?

Have a zippy, energy-filled Friday, see you after 2&5.


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