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Robes and Carriages


Sunny again, lovely. Good to get back into the old routine, nose to the grindstone and into the swing of it. All at the same time. Hope all good with you, another top drivetime extravaganza being planned (I lie, no work done so far). And prior to the show, some fine time with Bob Harris, Ken Bruce, Jo Whiley, Claudia Winkleman and Tony Blackburn. We were at the BBC's Maida vale studios filming some chat for website/red button/anyone that'll take it. We were basically just talking about being on the radio and the craft of making radio programmes. There was so much wisdom and so many anecdotes in the room it will be hard to edit to anything shorter than 5 hours. But doubtless there'll be a 90 second version to grab the attention of the busy. Hopefully it'll be of interest to more than just the 6 of us-we all wanted to carry on! It looks a bit like that Late Review programme from a few years ago, but with less swearing and no smoking.
Today we welcome poet Michael Rosen to the show. Michael is always entertaining with much to say and he's off on a tour with a performance of his old book 'Centrally Heated Knickers' which features 100 poems about science (what will we talk about?) and you can hear him after 6.
And CORONATION oldies please for the 60th anniversary of the Queen's Coronation today. A companion piece to the pomp and ceremony. Your cut out and keep guide etc. Ta
Have a magisterial and glamorous Tuesday, see you after 5.

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