Curry night


Well I am delighted to report a normal day, normal show and in general, a return to normalcy. Thank the Good Lord Reith for that. It was fun at the science Museum but thank heavens I don't have to perform in front of so many bosses every day. There are many radio folk who hate performing with anyone in the room and, in some cases, don't like anyone walking past the studio window. And there is a strong part of me which goes along with that but the Breakfast show and 5 Live hammered that out of me. And Drivetime would hardly work if I insisted Matt and Rebecca stayed outside the room! But that's one thing, a semi-circle of tense, crisp-eating programme makers and execs is something else all together. Anyway, opinion is divided about Damon's piece but I thought it really beautiful and barmy (as the Guardian calls it) and it repays further plays. It has it's own podcast too should you want it.
And the rest of the day l was at Breaking Dawn Part 2 premiere and wandered home full of stories of ripped heads, fighting werewolves and lovelorn vampires. My photos of my chat with Kristen Stewart reveal the worlds highest paid actress in a Special AKA t-shirt. Which can only be a good thing...
Nigel delivers a lamb masala which claims to aid insomnia. I can vouch for the wonderful dish but contest the sleep-aid claims. If you're stuck with bad sleeping patterns, it'll take more than a few well-place herbs and spices to sort it! But let's do INSOMNIA oldies anyway as that will be a fine side dish to accompany the main course.
Have a chilled and comfortable Thursday, see you after 5.


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