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Mustn't grumble


And greetings from the estate where the (undecorated) tree is up and smelling wonderful. Thanks for the tree tunes yesterday-particularly sad to have to drop 'Waiting For A Star To Fall' for timing reasons but good songs nevertheless.

And wasn't Rick Wakeman just wonderful? I could have sat and listened to him for another hour or so easily. He has so many flourishes and so many stories I'm surprised he hasn't got his own show somewhere. I might try and do something about that...
Blog news. Don't hold your breath. Here's a link which explains the changes and 'improvements' and what the 'thinking' is behind it. We are but a small cog...
I'm not sure if it'll make you any happier (see the comments at the end) but at least you've heard it explained from the horse's mouth. Ultimately, as many of you have pointed out, it's the comments and posts from the bloggers that make a site worth visiting and that seems as boisterous and virile as ever! So we keep calm and carry on etc...

And songs today please (breaking away briefly from the Christmas theme) for THE HOBBIT. It was the UK premiere yesterday and it opens tomorrow nationwide so tunes for MIDDLE EARTH, ORCS, GOBLINS, ELVES and assorted nonsense. Or hobbitytosh as we may call it.

Have a well planned and efficient Thursday, see you after 5


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