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Morning. A hint of sun and the promise of more to come (by June at least). And a weekend to round things off. I have no idea what we are doing so will once again be in awe of all the callers tonight who have it all detailed. We have a number of options, one of which is to do not very much at all. This is unlikely to come to fruition but you never know. It would be nice to write a few words for book 3 as this leads to a general sense of well-being. I'm vaguely on target but it doesn't feel like it and if I could conjure a few extra chapters from thin air that would be great. But in the meantime....
So the mystery voice was Thom Yorke and it went much quicker than I thought. This has been fun this week but I fear social media has effectively killed off this kind of competition. As soon as someone has the answer, it spreads virally and everyone knows the answer extremely quickly. So those wonderful 'it's-been-running-for-months!' quizzes are not likely to return I think.
Show 1 today with movies on 5L with Dr Mark and Steve Coogan talking The Look of Love in which he plays porn magnate Paul Raymond. Then we'll bring you some ARF action with your opening year of requirement being 1982, which was quite a jolly one I think but we'll see what you come up with.
Have a bright-eyed and sparkly Friday, see you at 2&5 on 5&2.

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