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Long Fermented Sour Dough


(I blame P Hollywood esq for that)

Dark and stormy here but no frost. These leaves won't last long however and a weekend with the broom beckons. No travels today, a day of bits and pieces, here and there. Last night however was a little Radio 2 do with our esteemed boss showing us graphs in one of those power point demonstrations. Or slide show maybe. anyway it was all about the joys of 2 and as I looked around at the assembled G Norton, T Blackburn, S Wright, D O'Leary, D Carrington (who was hotrockin' indeed), C Evans et al, I mused on what a good place it was to have ended up.

There was a moment however. The scene has Matt, Rebecca, and Anneka Rice having a chat. And then (how to put this?) Matt coughs and laughs resulting in a globule (?) exiting Matt and landing on Anneks's immaculate jacket. Everyone noticed but Anneka didn't. How long before anyone says anything? Who should say what? This has to be a confession. And it will be. Stay tuned.

Nige is in for a Chilli Paneer and how about PRIVACY oldies? Daniel Radcliffe has taken his fellow celebs to task for tweeting and facebooking then complaining about media intrusion. He keeps himself PRIVATE pretty much so that'll do nicely.

Have a cheery and thoroughly decent Thursday, see you at 5


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