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On with the weekend. Just a Friday to navigate first with the movies coming first and Ricky Gervais talking Muppets. The last Muppets film was such a hit and so joyful, it was always going to be a tough job to match it and it doesn't. There are some great bits - notably the opening song about how sequels are always disappointing - but it never hits the highs of The Muppets in 2011. Ricky G is on the show and I prove to him that I am a bigger Muppets fan than he is. In my opinion. It's my ownership of the original Muppet album on vinyl which proves the bone of contention here. Mahna Mahna indeed. It's also 5Live's 20th anniversary today which may well get a few mentions...

Then some ARF action with 1968 selected as your ARFO year. I'm in primary school (a gold star reader by the way) and had no awareness of newly launched Ford Escort, the 'I'm Backing Britain' campaign or the first Isle of Wight Festival. I do remember West Brom winning the FA Cup and Alec Rose sailing single-handedly around the world; this led to the joke (was it Basil Brush?) 'Rise Sir Alec' said the Queen and so Sir Alec Rose. Now that's funny. Your toppermost 1968 song which is noisy and fast enough to kick off everyone's weekend.

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