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Here we go.


Me again. Thanks for checking the blog, it has been a mad week but the weekend approacheth and maybe a little space for things like going for a walk, watching clouds and sitting on a bench. I can't quite imagine it but you never know. I was supposed to go to see another film this morning but that went away and so I sit at my kitchen table for this epistle. Everyone else is asleep (or still out, one of the two) so I'm taking advantage of a few minutes of silence to tap some keys.
Last night was the team meal and Nigel walked us around the block to an Italian restaurant I never knew existed. Matt coughed and sniffled his way through a couple of courses but there were no chips so he went home. I owed £60 to the drinks bill as I have to put £10 in the kitty everytime I say 'here we go' to a caller on ARF. I realised I was saying it all the time so imposed the fine on myself but there have still been 6 outbreaks in 4 weeks so recompense had to be paid. Now we are quits and we start again; I'm sure there'll be someone keeping score for the Christmas party. Could be expensive.
Also yesterday, I recorded a chat with Art Garfunkel a man I have been listening to all my life. It was quite a session! Im not sure I've done an interview like it before- it goes out on Tuesday and I'll post more about it then. But it's worth looking out for next week...
Meantime to 5L and the film show with some reviews and Tim Burton is our guest. His new film is Frankenweenie and a brilliant black and white, 3D animation about a kid and his dog and a bunch of strange of characters as you'd expect from Tim Burton. Then the ARF tunes take over again and we'll be all set for another top weekend. Or maybe just a weekend.
Have a well-dressed and surprisingly marvellous Friday, see you after 2&5


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