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Morning. Early dental trip to bring fear into the hardiest soul. I know the hygienist is even now preparing her ghastly array of tools and pastes. Assuming I can still speak (stop being so feeble) it is a 2 show Friday with movies at 2 on 5L. Amongst the new releases, Director Dexter Fletcher talks about the Proclaimers musical Sunshine On Leith. That's right, a musical set in Edinburgh and using the Proclaimers songs as the background, foreground and everywhere else in between. I'm not a musical fan particularly and it took me awhile to suppress the 'oh hang on, someone's about to sing again' feeling which often occurs at times like this. But it has a joy to it which gets you in the end I think.
Then we'll go for an ARF with the opening year choice of 1979. It's Mrs T beating Jim Callaghan, Jimmy Carter is Pres, The Sony Walkman goes on sale. CD's were demonstrated for the first time, Art Garfunkel has his Bright Eyes and Blondie had Parallel Lines. And your host was at Warwick University, immersed in theories of imperialism and other hilarious topics. And the radio was full of top hits! Choose a1979 top hit now to be the ARF king/queen.
Have a sensitive and engaged Friday, see you at 2/5

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