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Faux Pas


Good morning, blogging in pjs again prior to another school trip and wondering again about saying 'this is breakfast' at the start of the show. This happened either because Mike Smith had just been on the news or there is still part of my head wandering backstage at the Royal Albert Hall as Art Garfunkel. And signing off the show with 'have a good weekend' would indicate the Radio 2 doctor might be popping in for a visit sometime soon. Maybe my biorhythms are in the wrong order and not in alignment with Mercury. Or I should stop waking up at 4am or something. Ho hum.
In between those 2 errors, I thought everything else was tip-top and Jacqueline Wilson great with the children reviewers and the web-chat was throbbing with excited readers. It's Kate Mosse in a fortnight and her latest 'Citadel'.
Today we welcome Neil Oliver, top historian and rugged tv host. His latest series is Vikings and tells the story of how they spread their Scandinavian prowess to America and Baghdad. They conquered of course by persuasion, art criticism and literary analysis and their empire lasted nearly 200 years. Neil will explain more and I think VIKING oldies might work splendidly.
Have a responsible and mature Tuesday, see you after 5.


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