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Good morning from my darkened office. Way too early but heading off The Hobbit 2 which starts in a moment and finishes about Sunday. Somewhere in there I have to make some shows and eat some meals. I'm looking forward to it however as Lord Of The Rings (all 3 of them) were some of my favourites of the last decade, maybe the absolute favourite. And given that The Hobbit is so slim, somehow they have made 3 vast movies from it!
From the screening room to the 5L show and a chat with Harvey Weinstein, legendary film producer. He's here to promote his film on the life of Nelson Mandela  and opening at the moment of his passing. His thoughts should be fascinating, he'll be on after 2.30 (I expect).
And your weekend kicks off at 5pm with an ARF and your opening song requested from 1978. This is the year of Hitch Hikers Guide To The Galaxy, of Anna Ford being the first female newsreader on ITN, Rumours, Saturday Night Fever and The Sound Of Bread. And your host was lost somewhere in his 2nd year of studies at Uni with big curly hair to charm you.
Gotta go, films on. Have a pleasing and rewarding Friday, see you after 5

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