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Busy tuesday on the way! Hurried breakfast out of the way! Sting is in the building everyone! Not only is he here but he's singing too. These things don't come along everyday so cherish the moment. He's written his first new songs in a decade and they form part of musical called The Last Ship, set in the shipyards of the northeast of England. Sting grew up near the Swan Hunters yard in Wallsend and The Last Ship follows a group of workers whose shipyard is threatened with closure and decide to build their own ship as a final act of defiance. Jimmy Nail, Brian Johnson from AC/DC and The Unthanks all star and I can tell you the songs have heft, and they have melody too. The man still has it! Sting after 6.
And (maybe appropriately) we'll have HEALTHY LIVING oldies please. This is because eating wholefoods, practicing yoga and stress management techniques such as yoga can develop younger looking chromosomes. That's right, it makes you look younger. Healthy hits it is!
Have a guilt-free and vitamin-loaded tuesday, see you after 5.

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