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Cheesecloth loons and platforms


Good morning all bloggers, another lovely day beckons here. Just kicked a few toadstools into oblivion which as far as I'm concerned counts as gardening. I know the lawnmower needs to be heaved from the shed this weekend but until then fungi footie will have to do.
A double show today with movies and Richard Curtis as our guest. His new movie is About Time starring Bill Nighy, Rachel McAdams and Dom Gleeson and is apparently about time travel but is actually about love, actually (unsurprisingly). He's always delightful company, so a jolly good time will be had by all.
And your ARF rolls along again with 1974 being our opening year of requirement. Wilson and Heath, West Germany winning their own World Cup and your host, an awkward beanpole at secondary school in flares that would wrap around his legs many times. An engaging picture I'm sure you'll agree.
Have a snazzy and head-turning Friday, see you after 2&5

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