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Natural sweetness


Sun streaming in here, illuminating every imperfection, both household and personal. Blinds down, sunglasses on. The house is also bursting at the seams with a full compliment of wives and children and a mound of washing the size of Everest. I might have lots of work to take me out of the house...I'll get the head of values to sort out some meetings.
On the show today after 6, Dermot O'Leary and the sole survivor of 81 Squadron Eric Carter. In 1941 he and RAF colleagues were dispatched on a top secret mission to help defend the port of Murmansk in northern Russia against the Nazis. The project was code named Force Benedict and two squadrons of Hurricane fighters were shipped to Russia in total secrecy on the first Arctic convoy. Dermot met Eric at a fund raising dinner at an RAF club in 2013 and suggested he tell is story-which he now has. Hear Eric and Dermot after 6.
And fascinating to hear Ian Hislop talking to Paddy K yesterday about his 'Olden Days' series on BBC tonight. Nostalgia, rose-tinted spectacles and so on. OLDEN DAYS oldies? Why not. And does the word 'olden' only get used in this context? It seems so...
5pm then.

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