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Good day y'all. I've been reading out 'all shopping done' and 'food all bought' type 3 worders for weeks now. They might not be true of course but I suspect they are. There are always more organised people than you (in my case that's everyone) and I like to think they are missing out on that quintessential yuletide feeling of blind panic. It is a powerful feeling- a survival instinct which gets the juices flowing and the elbows working. Today's panic-list: cards (with and without newsletter), stamps (lost), presents for everyone. That's about it really. Make way!

Paloma, with her bogling singers, were great fun and top quality last night. They all performed as though they were on TV-shimmying and grooving and grinning like their lives depended on it. And when Paloma shoved some of Nigel's pilaf into her mouth, her smile was the broadest of the day.

Today we have some beautiful Christmas tunes from Red Sky July who are a country band formed by ex-Texas guitarist Ally McErlaine and his wife Shelly Poole-formerly of Alisha's Attic. They've got some great versions of Silent Night and Little Drummer Boy and you can hear them after 6. Plus more food from Nigel and a top Christmas confession.

And SANTA oldies today please to crank up the festive factor by a notch or two.

Nearly there! Keep going! Keep calm etc!
Have a stable and strong Wednesday, see you after 5.


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