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The Eagle has Landed


So the GP says I can go to work unless I'd rather not. I say I'd rather work thank you. No I haven't been travelling or met exotic animals or birds. A bug it is then. Drink water and take it easy (as The Eagles would say, more of them in a minute). So this is what I am doing. I would rather have a coffee but I'm told that won't help. Same for alcohol and fruit. Bland is the way forward, disappointingly. Thanks for the get well messages, hopefully no one noticed a thing on air. No emergency segues were needed, we kept calm and, well you know the rest.
Today we welcome (in an excited state) the arrival of Glenn Frey to the show. We play his wonderful Eagles tunes with great regularity and his solo stuff is still requested loads. Now he has an album of 14 standards out which take us through the song writing skills of Brian Wilson, Nat King Cole, Dinah Washington and Tony Bennett. He's dedicated it to his parents but the real impetus for the album was Clint Eastwood. He asked him to sing at a party and to try something from the 40's. It went down so well, it was just a matter of time before this album took shape. Glenn will sing tonight and an Eagles standard is promised too.
And oldies please on the theme of SPORTS DAY. 'Tis the season for parents to be rehearsing either their excuses or their sprinting skills, while the children take part in non-competitive, vaguely energetic 'activities'. Some schools did "World Sports Day' yesterday, others have all the fun still to come. Your top sports day tunes please.
Have a groovy and cool Tuesday, see you after 5


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