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Another hat dropped


That Autumnal chill lets you know precisely where we are and who's in charge. 2 enormous spiders in the house late last night too-I let them proceed unimpeded. There will be a moment of reckoning here as I'm sure there will be a moment shortly when certain demands are made and their ejection is called for; the old postcard and cup trick will be do fine. I've no idea about the spider life-cycle but my guess is this is their favourite time of year. Webs everywhere, house visits to make, bath trips to enjoy. Something is up.
Straight from the show last night to a showing of a friend's new film so consequently no food was consumed until late night nuts (not a good life choice). Now a large breakfast will be needed to make up for it. The threat of Nigel only delivering a salad tonight is only making things worse. Ok it might be a Lamb Za'atar salad (not sure either) but it is still a salad and we expect more frankly. Come on Nige, pour some chilli sauce on it.
And it's DR WHO oldies please. New series on BBC1 this weekend (you hadn't noticed?) so it is time for those timelord tunes you have knocking around please.
Have a well-organised and on-time Thursday, see you after 5


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