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No Laminate Required


Well good morning to all bloggers, welcome to our Olympic Monday (a). I hope your weekend was happy and glorious. We went from the OARF to a friend's party where we all watched the opening ceremony. And we whooped and cheered for James Bond and HM, laughed with Rowan Atkinson and (the softer amongst us) shed tears for Jerusalem (insert national song of choice). But the sheer spectacle of it all was what bowled us over, relief that it had all worked and relief too that we had avoided the bombast and pomposity that marks most of these things. So well done Danny Boyle, top genius.

Then on Saturday we spent hours and hours watching the road race trying to spot family members gathered by the roadside and trying to understand WHAT WAS GOING ON. I worked it out just as it all finished. Then the gymnastics was great and it was time to go watch Batman 3. Favourite quote so far was from an (unnamed sadly) athlete who managed to say 'It's not everyday you get a once in a lifetime opportunity'

Today we up-sticks from the Olympic park to just by the Cutty Sark in Greenwich, which is quite the thoroughfare for keen and excited ticket-holders. We'll bring you all the days action, some special guests-Rory Bremner is due to join us- and the first of our special Olympic Confessions; we have asked many of The BBC's finest commentators to confess to something that won't (presumably) get them sacked. We can't grant them immunity but we can offer forgiveness. We'll keep the oldie selection I think-they'll all need to be in by lunchtime so that we can get our techie act together. So let's do GYMNASTICS today. The women were great yesterday and the men have made history by qualifying for the Artistic Gymnastics Team final for the first time in 88 years. The rings, the pommel horse, the parallel bars, the floor; we can all do it if we wanted but it's just that we are a bit busy that's all.

Have an acrobatic and stylish Monday, see you at 5. Come down and wave! No tickets needed!


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