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2 more hours


Blogging and watching TV. It's that president chap making a speech. Decided not to stay up but had all the tension I needed waiting for the 6 am news to start. Breakfast with the TV on this morning in contravention of family rules I expect. Normally it's radio only of course but occasionally pictures help a little if you're trying to explain the world to the kids. And then the need for music returns...
And this morning I'm recording Taylor Swift for Drivetime consumption. She's played for us before and the woman appears unstoppable. 22 million albums sold and her new cd 'Red' has sold 1.2 million in the first week. This is popularity the way few solo artists aged 23 ever get. She'll sing a couple of tunes and I'll report back tomorrow...Then it's a Cameron Diaz chat for the movie show (I know, it's tough here) and we are again live at 5 for DT and Squeeze playing live. This is always good news. Glen and Chris have so many great songs that we hardly know where to start. They're off on tour again and will strum some favourites tonight. I saw them live in Southend in 1987 and it was one of the best gigs ever. Like ever, as Taylor Swift might say. Some Squeeze memories from 6.
And oldies for OBAMA please. A slight variation from yesterday's theme I believe and certainly enough to produce a different crop of tunes. And come 5pm it'll still be the only show in town.
Have a healthy and encouraging Wednesday, see you after 5.


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