Playing: Climb Ev'ry Mountain by Shirley Bassey
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Firm Peppermint Fondant Filling


(and very fine it is too)
Morning all. A cold Tuesday with a cold Wednesday in prospect. What with this being (nearly) Winter and everything.
The little filming project I blogged about yesterday is now on iplayer here and good fun it is too. It really is for folk who love radio and enjoy hearing about folk talking about radio. So that could be you possibly. We scrubbed up pretty well for the most part (soft lighting needed).
Young Gary Barlow today with some tunes. His new album is Since I Saw You Last and he doesn't one for a while. Actually he's been around for ever and I recall quite a few Take That interviews over the years when they were just unruly juveniles (thanks grandad). Somewhere along the way he became an OBE and elder statesman and you can hear him tonight after 6.
And how about SELFIE oldies. It's the word of the year even though, beyond a certain age, the idea of a 'self-portrait photograph taken with digital camera or phone' from about 6 inches away, is not that appealing (vanity,all is vanity). And now the last portrait of Anthony Van Dyck which is described as 'the original selfie' needs £12million to keep in the UK, According to the National Portrait Gallery. So it's selfie time please...
Have a flattering and composed Tuesday, see you after 5.

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