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Greetings from the 7am train to Bristol where the lighting is harsh. Full tv studio lights with no make up and 3 hours sleep is not good. I feel like the ghostly apparition of Canon Bob in yesterday's confession. This is all because of my attendance at the National Book Awards to applaud David Walliams and his plundering of the best children's book award (see yesterday's blog for accurate prediction). And what a bun fight it was. Congrats to Clare Balding and Lee Child who won in their categories-I reprised the 'Tom Cruise is too short for Reacher' chat we had on air last year with Lee. He reckons the film will win over the Cruise-doubters! Rachel Joyce was thrilled to win for 'The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry' and EL James was not surprised to win for 50 Shades in the 'Popular Fiction' category. If you've sold 40% of all books in the UK, you're a shoe-in frankly (or shoo-in whichever you prefer).

What we need is a Chris-Möh to get the festive juices flowing so that's what'll happen after 6. And your oldies please for the last DANDY which hit the shelves yesterday before going online. Tunes to serenade The Dandy and COMICS in general should ease us through till 7.

Have a warms and comforting Wednesday, see you after 5.


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