Playing: I'll Be There by Jess Glynne
BBC Radio 2

Waiter waiter percolator


I had forgotten that line. I had forgotten the compulsory bass line in the middle of Java Jive that everyone joined in with. Just like the 'Ra Ta Da Ta Da' in Chanson D'amour, it is irresistible. Don't think I've played that song ever, so thanks for picking it. I was tempted to download a best of ManTran (as we hipsters called them) but then calmed down a little. Mind you , 'On A little Street In Singapore' was fun. Maybe I'll go for it after all... (could be heading for an indecisive day here). 

First thing to do is see Rio 2 as Jemaine Clement, New Zealand comic, actor, Flight of the Conchorder and voice of Nigel the nasty and vengeful Cockatoo in Rio 2. He's also in the new Muppets film where the music has again been written by fellow Kiwi and Conchorder Bret McKenzie. Jemaine is in tonight after 6. Some of my clan are off to Rio, I get to go to Rio 2. This doesn't seem exactly fair but the answer is always VBP (there are other versions of this). Very Big Present. This seems adequate recompense to me.

And in honour of Nasty Nigel, how about BAD GUY oldies. And as being 'bad' is now a good thing (unless that's changed again? Have I missed something?) that could all be rather positive after all.

You know the drill. See you at 5

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