With Pat Kane from Hue and Cry and a 1985 Megamix
BBC Radio 2

It's time to noodle


Good morning to all, another week of drivetime shows being lovingly compiled as I write. I hope your weekend was a good one. Mine had lots of music in it with new artists Boxes, Foreign Slippers and -as heard on Radio 2 on Saturday afternoon- Luke Sital Singh. All of them were fantastic performers and then last night veteran Canadian Bruce Cockburn proved that he can still pick a mean guitar even at the age of 67. I played his 'Wondering Where The Lions Are' on Tuesday. Bruce is one of those guitarists who you watch closely to find out quite where all the sounds are coming from-is there really just him on stage? But it is just him and he's fantastic to watch.
So today we offer you the return, after their staggeringly long holiday, of Rebecca and Matt. Thanks to Pauline, Caroline, Mike and Paul for filling in, they'll all be back at various times I suspect. But with the team back in the saddle and September up and running, we shall do BACK TO SCHOOL oldies please. Scottish schools have been back a while of course but England And Wales join in this week.Many houses are full of uniform and unfinished homework and, as I have mentioned before, the September air still makes me nervous. And outside education, most holidays have been taken and even the bosses are back from their sun-kissed cruises. We are back in the routine.
And after 6 we welcome BBC newsman Gavin Esler. Gavin is a respected journalist of course but that is not why we invited him. On Wednesday he hosts the Progressive Music Awards. Yes thats right, we are talking Prog Rock. Yes keyboard wizard Rick Wakeman is to be honoured as a Prog God and that is all the evidence you need to know this will be fun.
Have a thoughtful and well-considered Monday, see you just after 5


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