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Small feet, small ears.


Think I'll go with a dress-down Friday theme today; jeans, t-shirt and an air of slovenliness. This of course is how I approach most days and am grateful every morning that I don't need to be suited and booted on a regular basis. The glories of radio. Had to be a bit smarter at 5 LIve in case someone important turned up but only slightly. An ironed t-shirt being the absolute minimum needed which seems fair enough. It is unlikely that anyone important will turn up today however. The 2 show Friday starts at 12 today due to the Ryder Cup taking over on 5L and we only get an hour to squeeze everything in. My guess is I'll get to say at least a sentence or two.
Plus,casual attire fine today because there are no school visits scheduled. I struggle a bit on these trips to know what to wear. Staff obviously need to be smart pour encourager les autres and they don't need some DJ scruff to come and give the wrong impression. So a jacket on top seems a good compromise. Yesterday, in the deepest parts of wooded Surrey, all went well and I was wearing a sweater! So we might have had a few new Year 10 listeners yesterday (14/15 year olds as I knew really, just forgot. Ahem). Hope they enjoyed the Frank Sinatra!
And so eventually to R2 and the ARF for a selection of weekend treats. Claim that crown back right now.
Have a casual, insouciant Friday. See you after 12 and 5.


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