Playing: How Will I Know by Whitney Houston
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Naturally caffeine free with all natural ingredients*


*not actually true, we will doubtless be awash with caffeine by the time 5pm comes around
Cloudy with a chance of a chocolate digestive later. Small pleasures indeed. Yesterday was spent watching HungerGames:Catching Fire (embargo signed, phone handed over, security making sure we don't record/transcribe/act out any of the key scenes), then followed by a chat with a sleepy, just-off-the-plane Jennifer Lawrence. I tend to agree with those who consider to be utterly brilliant, long may the odds be in he favour (Hunger Games ref).
Well today is Dave Edmonds day. What a star. I've loved his stuff for a long time and consider 'I knew The Bride' as one of the best singles ever. And he has his first new alum since 1994 called '...Again' and he says he's played every instrument, turned every dial and flicked every switch on this album. He returned to Wales 10 years ago after basing himself in LA where he was signed to Led Zepplin's Swansong Records. Now he's back and he's very welcome. Dave after 6.
And I think, inspired by David Dimbleby's tattoo, it has to be TATTOO tunes please. Any discreet and tasteful tattooed bloggers?
Have an eloquent and inspired Tuesday, see you after 5.




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