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So all you need to know is that Anne Hathaway is quite the nicest person you could wish to meet.  And she'll walk off a stack of awards for her performance as Fantine in Les Mis. But to be THAT successful AND that charming (you might want to calm down now. Ed) is rather rare. I might even go and see it again (really, stop now).

Today's 5Live movie show guest isn't bad either. Dustin Hoffman has directed his first film at the age of 75! It's called Quartet and is a star-studded affair with Maggie Smith, Tom Courtney and Billy Connolly. It's set in a retirement home for musicians with tangled relationships, clashing egos and warring lovies (anyone fancy a DT bloggers retirement home?).  Hoffman is one of those actors we've all grown up with and delivered some of the great roles in The Graduate, Midnight Cowboy, Kramer vs Kramer, Tootsie etc. Hear why he's taken so long to direct on the show from 2.

And our year of choice for the ARF OPENER is 1994. Anything decent/uplifting/irresistible  for us? Drop it at your leisure below...
Have a well organised and stable Friday, see you after 5.


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