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Well really. I despair. Having apologised for the lateness of Monday's blog, yesterday's doesn't accept comments  till mid afternoon. Life is trying enough without your blogging being something you want to grumble about. So apologies again.

Maybe there should just be a generic apology at the top of every blog just in case something has gone wrong. Like the fact that it says it's May for example *bangs head on wall*

So we move on! It's a Wednesday and looking bright and cold from here. Really enjoyed playing the long songs yesterday. This is strange because I own all those song and can listen to them anytime; I guess most of the emailers/texters/tweeters who wrote in own them too. But there is still a wonderful power about your radio playing them and sharing that experience with 6 million others (just thought I'd mention it again). Playing long songs is nothing new of course- it has been done by Ken for many years and Chris does it too. But we shall return to the idea again and not just when a guest booking doesn't work out. I fancy the full version of The Crown by Gary Byrd and the GB Experience one day. Or Thunder Road. Or Feel The Benefit by 10CC (to be continued).

Dr Mosh has an awards special - it's the 'moshscars' everyone- and lets do MARRIAGE oldies please as everyones talking about it and now everyone can do it .

So have a hassle-free and smile-filled Wednesday, see you after 5.

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