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  1. Presenter

    Bread sauce is the business. Everything else is important of course but no bread sauce, no deal (I'm either fussy or easily pleased. Not sure really).

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  2. Presenter

    Rick's masterclass in piano skills still running through my head. What a virtuoso!

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  3. Presenter

    2 things. 1) Sorry the blog broke 2)1989 That's it really. Oh and I've been awake since forever. Great.

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  4. Presenter

     more sedate start to proceedings. Toast has been taken, child 1 sent on his way with wrapping paper and scissors, second  (and final) coffee underway.

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  5. Presenter

    Early blog here, morning to all. Wednesday at last. I spent most of yesterday thinking it's Wednesday, so now I'd better make the most of it.

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  6. Presenter

    NIGHT SKY SONGS for today's oldies and Big Radio 2 Book club giveaway today-all of our 2013 choices and signed by the authors too.

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