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  1. Presenter

    Hooray for Monday! Who needs another pesky weekend full of its relaxation, lie-ins and fine eating? Not us! We renounce such weedy, effete behaviour.

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  2. Presenter

    Morning. Early dental trip to bring fear into the hardiest soul. I know the hygienist is even now preparing her ghastly array of tools and pastes.

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  3. Presenter

    Right then. Thursday-usually a good day. Friday imminent, the weekend very near and everything in the garden is fragrant (or rotting slowly because of neglect, one of the two). And I don't need to read a book today! That's right.

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  4. Presenter

    Wednesday already. And the size of books just gets bigger and bigger. Yesterday's Mark Lawson was bigger than Robert Harris and today's Bill Bryson is bigger than both.

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  5. Presenter

    President Obama, quitting and the Radio 2 Book Club - Robert Harris with 'An Officer and a Spy'.

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  6. Presenter

    So we found out the oldest thing in the world is in the Natural History Museum.

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