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    If this is later than normal, that is my fault. I am blogging late as child 3 starts a new school today.

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    Today We can offer you Russell  Kane's confession, Sean Hughes and Gyles Brandreth, Hardeep Singh Kholi, Rory Bremner and live tunes from The Feeling.

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  3. Presenter

    Eliza Doolittle, the confession of Tim Vine (yes it involves his brother), comedian Jason Byrne and QI creator John Lloyd.

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    More from the Edinburgh Festival today - KT Tunstall, Al Murray and Jason Manford and some heart throb Oldies.

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  5. Presenter

    The Edinburgh Festival Fringe, Deacon Blue, Alexei Sayle and Shaun Keaveny. Plus let's have some thrill of the crowd, getting up on stage oldies.

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  6. Presenter

    Muggyness, an autumn wardrobe, packed Edinburgh shows and another All Request Friday.

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