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  1. Presenter

    I need more time. Holidays loom and it is too soon, way way too soon! I haven't enough time to complete all my 'to do' list, so will end up doing it on holiday which is precisely what they're for don't you think?

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  2. Presenter

    Managed to put in a few miles yesterday. A ridiculously early start to herd oldies and youngies to Manchester was aided by the heat which meant that pretty much everyone was awake anyway.

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  3. Presenter

    Cloudy, cool, heat promised. Coffee hot, caffeine limit reached by 8am. Full house, all asleep, I'm the only source of movement and likely to remain so for the foreseeable future.

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  4. Presenter

    Ohh well, it all worked very nicely here. A day without blog troubles - hooray! Which was just as well as child 1 had a birthday and child 3 packed up for the summer, cue pizzas and takeaways and cake and late nights out (from which he may have returned but I'm not checking just yet).

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  5. Presenter

    The last school run, Lenny Henry is on the show and it's all about Laid Back and Chilled Oldies!

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