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  1. Presenter

    It's all about The Voice being back on BBC One, freezing temperatures and parents evening on the blog today.

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  2. Presenter

    It's all about BBC Introducing, healthy eating and Radio 2 on the blog today.

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  3. Presenter

    Watford Gap. A mist covers the multi story carpark and moss is creeping over the graffiti strewn, crumbling walls by our platform. This will be a glamorous day.

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  4. Presenter

    Aha! Wrong train you say? 15 minutes out? And you'd like us to pay 200% of the ticket price to get a new one? A pleasure! And a free newspaper too-you are too kind.

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  5. Presenter

    Another top week lined up (take my word for it, the team is red hot) and a nation awaits (enough grandstanding). A fine weekend had here (if you discount the rugby and the football in its entirety) and the Cambridge Science festival was great fun.

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