Playing: Chicken Strut by The Meters
BBC Radio 2

The coffee machine is working again and the caffeine is doing what nature intended, albeit slowly. Child 3 has a friend on a sleepover and they are busy with game called Minecraft which seems to have kept them happy for many hours. They stop for food and sleep and then start again. I am overseeing events of course in a responsible way and wondering if 1) I ever had a 'sleepover' and if so 2) what would have filled the hours? Airfix models, building dens, Lego and discussing Top of the Pops would only have taken a few hours surely? I shall enforce some book reading and self-improvement, but not just yet...

Nigel serves up another winner later and songs today please for the splendid story of LONDON ZOO'S ANNUAL STOCKTAKE where they have to count 17,000 animals. They have 752 different species and some are straightforward (lions etc) others less so (fish, insects etc) but they all have to be counted. Lets pretend its an army-style roll-call or classroom register with Johnny Morris in charge...

Have an energetic and idea-filled Thursday, see you after 5.


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