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Rearranging a few things


Happy Wednesday to us all. Time for an extra coffee and we'll be ready to go (notice I'm saying 'we' here, an early sign of DJ madness. If it gets worse please tell me). Moving things around today and tomorrow. This is because we are ALL OVER the Monty Python reunion this year and Michael Palin has an announcement to make. And if Michael is going to say something, he'd like to come on the show and say it. Good for him. So MP tomorrow but Thursday is Nigel Day, so rather than hurry him inappropriately we declare a Foody Wednesday which might fail the alliteration test but passes the top guest test. So it is Nige today with Pink Veal in Hay. I know, that's what everyone thinks. But he's cooked in soil before so why not hay? Will any old hay do? Will my grass cuttings suffice? Won't the hay just catch fire? And wouldn't that be a bad thing? Too many questions? All will become clear...

And how about AIR and AIR QUALITY songs. As the Saharan sands cover large parts of the Midlands and the south, turning the pollution index all the way up to 10, how about tunes for the indispensable mix of nitrogen, oxygen, argon and carbon dioxide which you are using right now.


Carry on!


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