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Back in a bit


And away we go. Last show for 2 weeks from me and off we jolly well (to quote JY from a while back. One for bloggers of a certain age) I shall return fresh of mind and nimble of foot and am missing you already. I have my holiday reading sorted with the new book club choice 'I Am Pilgrim' (it ways a ton, I'll try getting a child to carry it) and downloaded a few bits and pieces for those early morning gaps. Some new shorts maybe? Maybe not.
My early guess for blog entries in absentia would be 712 and will try to remember to send the whole thing ticking over by posting a brief missive after 10days which always used to be the rule. Blog on...
Meanwhile, afore I go. Movies from 2 on 5L with Simon Pegg, Nick Frost and Edgar Wright the team responsible for The World's End, to complete the Shaun of the Dead/ Hot Fuzz trilogy. Then we roll on for a summer ARF and your year of requirement is 1971. A blistering, glamorous tune please!
Have a triumphant and poised Friday, see you at 2and/or5.
I'll send a post card.

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