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Good grief. Another birthday to consider. There was a story around a year or so back that most of think we are about 17 years younger than we actually are. In our heads we get older so much slower. Not sure I'm feeling 37 but it's not far off. There are occasions of course when I feel 100 but normally it's 42 or so. I am the proud recipient of a new shirt, jumper, sherbet lemons, back scratcher and The Shorter English Dictionary in 2 volumes. This last gift (mother-in-law a retired librarian, she knows these things) is without doubt the heaviest gift ever received. I think it's the last one they're producing as we all go online now but it is a monster of a gift, it's like holy writ- gold-edged pages and all! The sherbet lemons are the dead cert hit and indeed might be all gone by 5pm.

2 shows today with no long haul trains to worry about. Oliver Stone is our guest on the movie show from 2. His new film is Savages about some LA druggies getting mixed up with Mexican uber-baddies and is receiving, lets be honest , mixed reviews. But he is always a fine guest and he's on from 2.30.

Then to your weekly ARF with a new king/queen to be crowned once you've delivered your coup de grace below.

Have a startling and reassuring Friday, see you after 2&5.


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