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Well there are a number of ways of being woken up, some more objectionable then others. But a mighty thunderstorm counts as a good awakening I think. I've always loved wild weather and last night was pretty spectacular. Even the house teenager woke up. Imagine that! Who knew he even acknowledged the world before lunchtime? Anyway today will be steamy I think so this blog is being typed in the garden as the cooler hours are appreciated. By the time we get to ARF
we may well be glowing slightly.
And we'll start with some rocking tunes from 1959! Juke Box Jury opens on TV, Harold MacMillan wins the General Election and travelling from Watford to Rugby got even more exciting with the opening of the first stretch of the M1. And a book was published which my dad had on his shelves and I was never allowed to see-'The Lore and Language of Schoolchildren'. Much later, I discovered it was full of the sort of rhymes he would rather I didn't know but which I would quite liked to have known. I wouldn't have recited them in front of granny, honest. There's nothing over 2'20" so choose away...

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