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I'd rather Jack


Rightiho look sharp. Another Friday here already and two shows on the way. The movie show on 5L does NOT feature my interview with Naomi Watts. This will go out next week, complete with the bit when she's had enough. The story has bounced around the world-as these things do-but the film isn't out till next week so it'll have wait its turn. Today it's Ron Howard, director of Apollo 13, The Da Vinci Code etc and his latest movie is Rush, which tells the story of the F1 clash between James Hunt and Niki Lauda. Ron stays the course-the interview course that is-staying strong under my withering cross examination.
Then we'll do your ARF and our chosen opening year is 1987. The year of the Joshua Tree, Jack Your Body and Money For Nothing. The first Rugby World Cup in NZ, Mrs Thatcher re-elceted, Fatal Attraction and Three Men and A Baby. And your host was perkily doing evenings on Radio 1. Your choice for song 1?
Is that rain? Good grief, time for a cupboard rummage. Have a smart and mellow Friday, see you after 5.

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