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Gunpowder, Treason and Cop


Dark and cold. Time for a duvet day! Let's not work at all. I'd like to read the 3 books I need to finish, bake some toffee and let a firework off. In between, I'd like to snooze and tidy the house. Mrs M has been away a few days, leaving me in sole charge of house and 2 children and I need to make sure everything is as ship shape as it needs to be. I only broke one bowl, managed to cook all the meals that were expected, taxied as needed, finished the new book's rewrites and all with a lovely cold to moan about. I need a break. However I have just been informed I need to provide a protractor and pair of compasses before 10am. Right. You couldn't have mentioned that a little earlier? Maybe when the shops are open and there was time to shop? Oh well, we'll muddle on through somehow.
And there's a show to put on! The Radio 2 Bookclub features the new Ian Rankin novel 'Standing in Another Man's Grave'. It sees the return of his top cop Rebus investigating a series of murders on the A9 and is, as you would expect, a terrific read. Actually he's not a cop at all. He's working in the Cold Cases Unit of the Lothian and Borders Police in Edinburgh and not exactly thrilled with his retired status (and we are not surprised). But the law has changed and cops don't have to retire at 60 anymore so Rebus is reapplying. He may well be back for a while. You can read some classic Rebus here ahead of Ian's appearance tonight from 6.
And oldies of course for BONFIRE NIGHT. Remember remember, the 5th of November etc even though it doesn't seem to hold the imagination the way it used to. A few years ago we had rockets exploding around us for weeks but now it all seems a little more gentle and restrained. But 5TH NOVEMBER tunes please and we can have our own fireworks and toffee evening.
Have a sparky and illuminated Monday, see you after 5


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